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Yesterday during our motorcycle commute from work, me and my wife get passed by a speedy motorcycle on an empty turn.  <p />“That guys is speeding!”, she said.
“We can also go that fast, but the brake won’t hold up the weight of both of us. We can’t stop in time”, I said.
What does weight got anything to do with brakes?”, she asked. <p />Now, this kind of question is always interesting to me. Because whether we realize it or not our lives is bound in physics laws. Movement, speed, momentum and friction is some of the things that came to mind when she asked that question. Immediately I remember the basic of forces in work when a body of mass is moving. For the same amount of force applied, when you double the mass you will get slower deceleration, means longer time it will take to decrease speed to 0. It follows a simple equation F = m.a. By understanding physics we become aware of our boundary and consequences. I hope at least we got that from our learning physics starting Elementary through High School. Even though we forget all the equations and formulas at least we can grasp the basic concept