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  1. If you’re not born with special abilities, you’re never going to be any good at some things, no matter how hard you try (from the Harry Potter movies, and, of course, books). 
  2. No matter how appallingly bad conditions on Earth get, so long as there is one tiny plant on the planet, it can still be restored to its former beauty and sustainability (from WALL-E). 
  3. Technology is fundamentally evil (from lots of movies, including the The Lord of the Rings trilogy). 
  4. Arrogance, brash self-confidence and having had a heroic father are much more indicative of a competent leader than are experience and knowledge (from the 2009 Star Trek movie). 
  5. Kissing sleeping women you don’t know will wake them up and lead to them falling in love with you (from Sleeping Beauty and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs). 
  6. If you’re a really good person, but in a lousy situation, simply wait around and eventually good things will just happen to you (from Cinderella). 
  7. Unconventional creative play is very, very wrong (from Toy Story).
  8. Even tough women who aren’t afraid to fight aren’t as important as the men they fight alongside (from the Star Wars movies).
  9. It’s OK to completely change your physical appearance and way of life for the person you love, even if he makes no sacrifices at all (from The Little Mermaid). 
  10. If you’re not a member of the elite, you’re basically inconsequential, even if you die heroically trying to save your people and your way of life (from the Star Wars movies).

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When we watch movies, unconsciously we try to get values from what we see. Even ‘Good’ movies sometimes give bad or wrong message if you look further. But again this doesn’t mean we must condemned the movie, as civil man we should filter out good from bad by ourself.