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But since then, very few non-geeks know about individual Android handsets. They change so frequently, and are so numerous, that there’s never much of an opportunity for a meaningful buzz to generate around any of them. Nobody’s lining up to buy them. CNN’s not covering their launches. Consumer Reports isn’t vigorously testing their antennas. The Daily Show isn’t making jokes about them. So the mass market doesn’t really respond to individual devices. Even if Uncle Joe brings his fancy Android Something to Thanksgiving and your mother is impressed by it and wants to buy one, by the time her contract expires in two months and she goes to the Verizon store, it’s gone.</blockquote>

via marco.org

A great summary from Marco Arment about what is hindering Android acceptance to non-geek people. I think for Android it is good to have a flagship device like Nexus and use that as a marketing tools that will mainly attract non-geek people while still provide a page list of available Android based smartphone on the market that people can choose from. Kind of like what Nokia or Blackberry have on their product website.