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Today (Thu Aug 25, 2011) marks yet another new era for Apple. Another era in which Steve Jobs is no longer CEO. But unlike the previous time, this time he’s not kicked out of Apple. Instead he’s becoming the King.

He will be missed by most of us who follow Tech industry. He will be missed because of his vision, because he is the different one.

If Steve is a superhero, I would say his greatest superpower is the ability to recognize talent and his Reality Distortion Field. For many he is viewed as a tyrannical leader, who’s micromanaging power and design intuition resulted in some of the best product of this time, whom many of us love. Gone are the time we wait for his Keynote, to experience the RDF in action, to mesmerize us with a ‘magical’ device. Next time it’ll probably will not be him showing us a new iPhone, or iPad or maybe some other new magical ‘i’Device.

I will miss you Steve. Thank you, for making computer personal, twice.