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Now that is an interesting phrase to me. It signify that faith is the baseline, to reach it you first must accept it before anything else. You can’t rationalize faith because there is going to be always something irrational about it, at least that is what I think the phrase is saying ‘Leap of faith’. You can analyze and rationalize your way to faith but in the end you have to fully accept it with all its irrationality to have faith. Either to have faith in science or God or both you have to first accept it then challange it isn’t it?

For example some scientist can say that the whole universe is started from single singularity and expand until now. Any proof you have on that is based on combination of theory and observation both can’t be truly fully validated 100%. But you will accepted it if you have faith on it. Same goes when one scripture is saying that God created all of the universe, proof that there is structure and laws binding this world might be a proof of a creator, but you would have to accept it first to have faith in God.

As a student of science that is also a muslim, to tell you the truth I haven’t found the balance. But that doesn’t mean I’m giving up. Hopefully I’ll find the way to reconcile it and find the way like Al-Khwarizmi and Ibn Al-Haytham