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Hendra Saputra

Insatiable knowledge seeker, code monkey, movie addict.

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I am raised in a religious family with strong emphasis on science, rationality and logic. That is two tension that is probably very hard to reconcile. As I grew older I realized those two point of view actually intertwined to become my strongest foundation.

From religion I got my egalitarian point of view and that doing good deed is the basic foundation of live. From science I got my physics law of action reaction, logical thinking and the scale of things that we are nothing but a speck of dust that need each other in order to survive. I believe that all human race is born the same and what differentiate us is not how successful we are but on how we treat each other. I feel that even if you are rich and successful but if you treat other badly you are not somebody worthy of respect and emulation. Many awful thing in history happens just because people stop seeing other human as people, and stop treating them as one. So in my opinion to be able to just see people as people is very important, because it create empathy, feeling of equality and connection. I also believe that the most valuable thing in live is not money or success but how useful we are to the people around us and society as a whole. If people are at loss when they are without you then you are greatly successful, but if they are even better without you than you have failed greatly. One of the teaching in my religion that really sticks to me is ”The best people are those who are most useful to others.”

As laws of physics rules every physical object there is in the universe, I strongly believe that it also universally affect human behavior. Newton 3rd law of motion is “for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction”, it is just another way of saying for every action there is a consequences. So I believe that everything we do will come back to us. If I do positive thing, something positive will come back to me. If I do negative thing, something negative will come back to me. I also believe in giving back, because everything I got in life is not only because of my effort but part of it comes also only because somebody somewhere along the way help me to achieve it. As a student of science though, this is one of the math that does not compute by. By giving something back to other people you actually get something more. It is like saying 2-1=3. The more you give the more you gain, especially in knowledge. This is very strange but wonderful.

Those are my core believes, treat people with equality and respect, doing good to be useful to others and giving back as much as I could. I try to live day by day according to them, it helps shape my decision, it helps me going through tough times and has been my compass.